Sweet Results


So, after we have all the trees tapped it is just a matter of waiting for the sugar water to start flowing.  This year we had a fairly long season, thanks to the weather being colder longer.  When the nights are freezing and the days are above freezing with little wind we were collecting our … Read the Rest

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Tapping Trees

Dec Jan cam 138

For the last two months my husband and I have been revolving our schedules around, maple syrup.  Harvesting maple syrup is a fun thing to do and it fits into a farmers life because things on the farm are a little bit slower in the winter season. 🙂 Eric has been tapping sugar maple trees … Read the Rest


The Story: Part 5


Well, two weeks later on July 13th Eric and I went on a picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  He had wanted to do it for about a month and we finally were getting around to it.  Little did I know what kind of planning this picnic had gotten. 🙂  I was totally unsuspecting of … Read the Rest


The Story Part: 4


So after three pleasant months of working with Eric after Christmas break, I found myself, on April 6th out helping him move, feed, and water, the first broiler pens of the season. We had finished the broilers and were about to get on the 4 wheeler when Eric started taking off his gloves.  I noticed … Read the Rest


The Story: Part 3


Apologizes for the long intermission on the story!  Between the wedding, Thanksgiving, intern check outs for 2014, Christmas, traveling, and learning how to be the best helper for my husband, I have been a little distracted. :))  Here is part 3! I don’t have to tell you this, but I noticed everything about Eric, from … Read the Rest


The Story: Part 2


Well, I decided to stay on because I loved farming, but with full knowledge the internal turmoil over Eric would continue.  I left at the end of October and went home for two months.  While at home I thought about Eric a lot, wondering what he was up to and if I even entered his … Read the Rest

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The Story: Part 1


So, my side of the story starts on May 31st, 2011.  I pulled into Polyface ready for the adventure of 4 months living and working with like minded people and learning to farm.  On my arrival the first person I found was Eric Barth.  I remember exactly where he was and what he was working … Read the Rest

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My Excuse is…


So I feel like I need to explain myself, since my parent taught me not to make excuses.  It is simple really, I got engaged!  Eric Barth, Polyface apprentice manager, has had my heart in a constant struggle since I came to Polyface May 31st, 2011.  On July 13th, 2013, he asked me to marry … Read the Rest


My Biggest One Yet!


Life here at the farm has continued to be full.  Stay tuned for a further explanation next week. 🙂 But for now I wanted to share what I found in my garden Tuesday!  The biggest potato I have ever grown!  This beauty weighted in at 1.5#s! What giant things have you been harvesting?

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