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Is Today the Day?


Richard  Morris woke up every morning asking himself a simple question: “Is today the day I die?”  Richard was 400 pounds when he rediscovered what an impact good food has on our bodies and in our lives! Sally Fallon writes “Morris does not have a bunch of letters after his name but he has a different … Read the Rest

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Crunch ‘n Munch – A Video, Not a Snack Recipe


Sometimes after I move the cows, I like to sit for a minute and watch them graze. I love hearing them crunch and munch happily on the grass.  Have a listen!    

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Natural Farming: Inspiring Passionate ‘Stewards’

CBN News Report – Click here to read the whole story What are your thoughts?

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More on ABC Nightline from Joel…

The license a story teller uses to include or exclude material can have a huge bearing on the story’s impact. ABC Nightline was out yesterday and did an 18 minute interview but used less than 1 minute of it. And while I’m not asking to hog the time here (no pun intended) I think what … Read the Rest

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Fresh – The Movie

Fresh – The Movie by Ripple Effect Films A beautiful, empowering film. Be sure to book your seat early. Joel will be at the DC, NYC, and Boston viewings. Come on out and show your support for good food, that heals the land and body! Click on the links below to purchase your ticket. DC: … Read the Rest

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Food, Inc.

FOOD INC. is a 90-minute documentary you’ll be hearing a lot aboutand it features Polyface Farm. I was invitedby the producers and distributors to participate with them in one ofthe first USA screenings Friday night at a huge filmfestival in Durham, NC. Eric Schlosser, author of FAST FOOD NATION (the number 1 sellingAmerican book of … Read the Rest

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The Polyface Farm DVD Teaser

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Video: "Mimic Nature"

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Fun video of the farm

I thought you all might like to see this. It was filmed by Ana Jones from Ripple Effect films.

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