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Baby calf

On our farm this week we’ve been bottle feeding a baby calf who was rejected by her mother. She’s a sweet little girl, but all bones. When my husband found her, she was curled up in the field the herd had just left. She stayed behind because she was too weak to go to the … Read the Rest

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Polyface Field Day – July 9, 2011

What you’ll see and learn about on this special day: PASTURED BROILERS     Raised ion moveable, floorless shelters, these meat birds net $2,000 per acre and cycle every 8 weeks.  The ultimate alternative to vertically integrated, inhumane, industrial factory chickens. SALAD BAR BEEF   Mimicking the natural mobbing, moving, and mowing of native herbivores, cows receive a … Read the Rest

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Coming up on July 9, 2011…

The POLYFACE FARM Field Day occurs only once every three years and will be repeated this year on July 9.  One of the largest on-farm events in the nation, it includes farm tours,trade shows, networking, book store, and the best array of barbecued pastured meats you’ll find anywhere.  Family friendly and insanely information-dense, this day … Read the Rest

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Moving the cows across the Cow Pasture River

 Yesterday, we had to move the cows across the Cow Pasture River in Bath County to graze the field over there. Grace Hernandez (Buxton farm manager with her husband, Michael) was kind enough to photograph the move.  Daniel on the tractor with the water buggy – a homemade contraption with water tanks on it. We … Read the Rest

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Join the discussion

Yesterday at 3:30 pm, I posted the following question on the Polyface Farm Facebook page. Within 18 hours, we received 32 comments. I wanted to give you all a chance to comment on this as well. To set the stage – this was posted 2 weeks ago: Michael Pollen says that cheap food is an … Read the Rest

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True Food: A Love Poem by Robyn O’Brien

As headlines swirl and climates whirlAnd Wall Street finds its feetThere’s one refrain that doesn’t change“Mommy, what’s there to eat?” Well listen child, I’ll tell you what,That’s no small query there.Come over here, and sit right down,In fact, pull up a chair. Your question, dear one, though you ask,With all good heart intended,Is fraught with … Read the Rest

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Fresh now available through Polyface!

FRESH documentary producer Ana Joanes has given Polyface a special a pre-release offer of the DVD for a mere $15. It will not be available elsewhere, except at Growing Power, for at least a couple of months.If you need a copy shipped by mail to you or a friend, please mail us a check for … Read the Rest

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Polyface Bulk Beef & Pork Boxes

In an effort to minimize mistakes and reduce confusion, this year we will debut an innovative approach to our discounted bulk beef and pork offerings. Many of you have expressed reluctance to call the butcher and specify cutting instructions because “I don’t know what I’m doing.” The internal logistical gyrations we contort to deliver 100 … Read the Rest

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Swine Flu Outbreak: The facts

ABC Nightline was out here yesterday. Here is the story that was aired on last night’s news: Swine Flu Outbreak: The Facts Click on the link to see the story.

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