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Today is Field Day!

Kristin Pike

Good morning! We’re headed over to Polyface in just a few minutes to help with Field Day today. Hope to see you there!

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Summer Reading….

Wendy Gray

I’ve decided to turn off my tv for the summer and READ! I keep telling my daughter how important it is and how fun it can be so I’ve decided to take my own advice and practice what I preach! My friend Jill introduced me to a fun website called “Pinterest”…. http://pinterest.com/about/ – it’s a … Read the Rest

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Organic Veggies vs. Non Organic

I recently started a new farmers market here in town with local wines, foods, plants and yummy baked goods. While there are so many people in the country that have heard of Polyface – there are a surprising amount of local people that have never heard of us! One gentleman in particular has been on … Read the Rest

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A busy week

We’ve had a busy week here over at Briarmoore. We helped some friends process their chickens on Tuesday. Thursday morning we processed our chickens, and in the afternoon we cut them up and packaged them. Friday we returned to Polyface to finish cutting up and packaging the rest of our birds. Today I will be … Read the Rest

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Beautiful baby calf born

When Michael and I apprenticed at King Hill Farm in Maine we had the supreme joy of assisting sheep birth lambs. Well, we only interfered when it was desperately needed. I will always remember one momma who had triplets. She was unable to feed all three babies so I took one of them to a … Read the Rest

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Spring Fever!!

My post will be short and sweet today because it’s already so beautiful outside and I have the day off to take advantage of it! Maddie and I are going to spend the day planting our kitchen herb garden in the window boxes outside our kitchen windows! All we’ll have to do is open the … Read the Rest

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My week in pictures

My son and I putting in new flower beds in front of the house. He loves digging in the dirt. I’m excited about the stone border my brother-in-law showed me how to build! Helping move the cows across the road… and back a few days later. It was a lot of fun- moving the cows … Read the Rest

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I remember that moment I decided to leave my hometown, Ohio. It was spring and it rained everyday for 2 weeks. I was teaching inner city school and I felt depressed. Where oh where do the sunshine go? Grey skies and pouring rain filled my world. My older sister phoned that day from Venice, California … Read the Rest

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In the Garden

This morning I picked radishes from the garden and will spend most of the day weeding between our lettuce greens. We’ll be cooking for the wedding of one of our former interns this coming Saturday and it’s so fun to see much of what we’ve grown this spring going towards it. What’s popping up in your … Read the Rest

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