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Our family has been very eager for the season to start since, with one year under our belt, we know more of what to expect and are comfortable with how to fit in Spring chores. At the same time, life at Briarmoore has become exponentially busy over the last couple of weeks! Hens are laying, cows … Read the Rest

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Homemade Mayo


Even before we moved to Briarmoore, I wanted to learn how to make my own mayonnaise. It seemed simple enough–simple ingredients and just mix them together, right? Well mine just never came out right. It tasted too nutty because I used olive oil and it was never the right consistency. When John became the manager … Read the Rest

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Restoration is renewal, revival, or reestablishment. Early Spring grants us a time of renewal allowing (among other things) an opportunity to re-focus for the busy summer season. Our laying hens arrived last week from Polyface and our first step was filling the nesting boxes with hay. The kids and I so enjoyed the chance to  soak up the much prayed … Read the Rest

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Winter Vacation


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney One benefit of Family Friendly Farming in Virginia are the few months off in the Winter to spend with our loved ones. This year we decided to go South for a visit to Savannah and to John’s Dad and Grandparents in … Read the Rest

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Let’s Bake a Cake


Our own little flock of hens produce thirteen eggs nearly everyday. My fridge is filled with them. Nicolaus suggested we bake a cake and I could not think of a better way to spend an afternoon. I have to admit sometimes I find it hard to surrender the kitchen to my little helpers. But the joy … Read the Rest

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Snow Outside the sky drops white. It sprinkles without stopping. Each flake is a petal. The white dust settles without the slightest sound. The flakes weave a cover, crystal lace. The blanket keeps our Mother in silent wintry grace.   Yesterday we were literally buried in snow. Long after we were all snuggled in our beds … Read the Rest

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A Few of Winter’s Finished Crafts


Remember the lovely yarn I bought to knit myself something special? Well, I finally finished the hat and actually still have a few chilly months left to wear it. I love how it turned out. It can be worn slouchy (my preference) or snug by flipping up the brim. You can find the pattern here I … Read the Rest

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Creekside Cottage


Last weekend we had the opportunity to spend a few days with my Mom and Step-Dad  at their cottage retreat in Virginia’s Northern Neck on Hack’s Creek.             With March and the start of our farming season at our heels, we are taking every opportunity to enjoy a few days … Read the Rest

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Holiday Traditions – The Family Photo


Every year I make a point to capture a family portrait. I love to see how our family has grown and changed over the years. This year we were lucky to have our friend and fellow Farm Chick Betsy Curlin as our photographer. 2009 2011 2012 2013   2014 These pictures are so dear to … Read the Rest

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