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On to Our Next Adventure


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 We’ve processed our last batch of broilers, moved the cows into their newest pasture and gathered our last few baskets of eggs. We attempt to … Read the Rest

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Meet Moses


When we learned John would be managing Briarmoore, we agreed it might be handy to have a canine helper for the farm. But really, who needs an excuse to get a puppy?! John had been hearing good things about Blue Heelers, so we looked into the breed ourselves. Also known as an Australian Heeler or … Read the Rest

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Cloth Diaper Update

diaper naomi

If you have been following this blog since John and I first came to Briarmoor, you will remember when I wrote about our choice to use  cloth diapers. Can you believe I have been cloth diapering for over a year now? Number one: I cannot believe Naomi is 15 months old. Number two:  I’m now … Read the Rest

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Most mornings John and I sit on the front porch before the rest of the house wakes. We enjoy our coffee, conversation and sometimes shared peaceful silence. Its my favorite way to start the day. Recently we have been blessed with the most amazing sunrises. This morning, in fact, every few seconds one of us said, … Read the Rest

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Summer Knitting


While the days continue to be quite busy, and somehow we find ourselves in July already, I have managed to eek out some time for knitting in the evening. The feel of the yarn sliding through my fingers and the occasional clicking of my needles relaxes me after a full day on the farm. In … Read the Rest

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We are busy, busy here at Briarmoore and this week has been filled with lots of cuteness. Two of our rabbit does had litters this week. All the kits seem to be healthy and happy. This is encouraging as our last round did not fare as well. All of us are enjoying this new endeavor. … Read the Rest

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Gentle Stewards


How to be gentle can be a tough lesson for parents to teach children. I can still hear my Dad’s voice saying, “Gentle Tamara, gentle,” as I held my new kitten when I was around seven years old. I am sure he feared I would pop her head off with my tight hold. Babies and young … Read the Rest

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Calving Season

Version 2

Spring is calving season for us and it seems just about every day we stumble upon a cow licking the afterbirth from her new baby or supervising cautious first steps. The scene never gets old and we have had over thirty calves born at Briarmoore this year. John has become quite skilled at tagging the … Read the Rest

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Smitten with Sweaters


Winter hasn’t quite released us from her icy grip. Frequent freeze warnings and chilly mornings where our breath still hangs in front of us in the air keep us from packing away the few hats and coats remaining in our closets. Perhaps that is why I have been so taken with knitting sweaters lately. I … Read the Rest

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