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Clean Up


This time of year always seems to sneak up on me.  Some days I feel like summer is never going to end and I will forever and always have piles of picked vegetables staring up at me, waiting to be preserved.  Then it happens.  I wake up one morning and the air is crisp and … Read the Rest

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Most mornings John and I sit on the front porch before the rest of the house wakes. We enjoy our coffee, conversation and sometimes shared peaceful silence. Its my favorite way to start the day. Recently we have been blessed with the most amazing sunrises. This morning, in fact, every few seconds one of us said, … Read the Rest

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The Simple Things

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I often get caught up in the “have to do’s”, the “what’s”, “when’s”, and “how’s” of life… One thing that I’ve learned is that sometimes you just need to take a moment to smile and enjoy life. When I say “Enjoy life”, I don’t mean go buy yourself a sports car, buy a boat, or … Read the Rest

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Done for another year


This post is a little late in coming, but I’m still just as excited… Our first cutting of hay is complete – both here at Polyface and on our rental farms! On Polyface we made mostly small square bales. We started this year with our barn completely empty and have filled it to the top. … Read the Rest

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…While the sun shines


One of my favorite quotes from Joel is “Make hay while the sun shines.”  I think about this quote often. While the underlying idea can be applied to many aspects of life, it can also be taken quite literally.  Over the past 3 weeks we’ve taken Joel’s advice quite literally. We’ve been blessed with great weather and have … Read the Rest

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One of my absolute favorite things about this time of year is all the fresh strawberries!!! This past Saturday several of us here at Polyface had the chance to go pick all the strawberries we wanted! The day was perfect, the berries were ripe, and the pickers were ready! After finishing our morning chores we left … Read the Rest

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Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminars


We’re right in the middle of them. Monday and Tuesday marked our first of three this year. The next one is coming up this Monday and Tuesday and the final one is on Thursday and Friday Friday and Saturday of next week. From the staff point of view, this is lots of hosting, baking and … Read the Rest

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