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Calving Season

Version 2

Spring is calving season for us and it seems just about every day we stumble upon a cow licking the afterbirth from her new baby or supervising cautious first steps. The scene never gets old and we have had over thirty calves born at Briarmoore this year. John has become quite skilled at tagging the … Read the Rest

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Restoration is renewal, revival, or reestablishment. Early Spring grants us a time of renewal allowing (among other things) an opportunity to re-focus for the busy summer season. Our laying hens arrived last week from Polyface and our first step was filling the nesting boxes with hay. The kids and I so enjoyed the chance to  soak up the much prayed … Read the Rest

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A few things I have learned this Spring at Briarmoore… You are never too old to be amazed at the beauty and promise of a rainbow Hummingbird wings make a sound much louder than you think Everyone loves a ride on a four wheeler Skunks eat chickens Chickens sometimes eat their own eggsRedwing blackbirds weave … Read the Rest

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Spreading, spreading, spreading…


Springtime on the farm is buuu-sy! And, it means a lot of changes – cows, broilers, and pigs out on pasture, new calves, eggmobiles, planting seeds, annnd spreading compost… LOTS of compost – compost from the cattle and pigerators in the barn, compost from the rabbits and chickens in the hoop houses, and offal compost. … Read the Rest

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