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Goin’ and Growin’


Our babies are doing well and growing like weeds! Jonathan (JAK) is taking care of the chicks on a daily basis. Daily chores for the chicks include making sure all of the heaters stay lit so that the chicks don’t get cold. Making sure the chicks have feed and water at all times is also … Read the Rest

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The Chicks Have ARRIVED


Anticipation was brimming¬†despite the drizzling rain¬†as Miriam called the post office early in the morning… “Hello?” “Hi Heather, this is Miriam.” “Hey, I was just going to call you! Your chicks are here! They’re so cute, I peaked at a couple of them!”   Daniel and we three apprentices (Jonathan, Miriam, and I) went to … Read the Rest

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Crocus  2

…or Preparing For Baby – Part One As snow melts away and shoots of green pop up among the tufts of dormant brown grass, the hint of warmer Spring weather always brings with it a sense of anticipation. I find the synonyms of “anticipation” interesting : hope, joy, prospect and apprehension. Indeed anticipation holds all … Read the Rest

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