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Calving Season

Version 2

Spring is calving season for us and it seems just about every day we stumble upon a cow licking the afterbirth from her new baby or supervising cautious first steps. The scene never gets old and we have had over thirty calves born at Briarmoore this year. John has become quite skilled at tagging the … Read the Rest

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Our family has been very eager for the season to start since, with one year under our belt, we know more of what to expect and are comfortable with how to fit in Spring chores. At the same time, life at Briarmoore has become exponentially busy over the last couple of weeks! Hens are laying, cows … Read the Rest

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Restoration is renewal, revival, or reestablishment. Early Spring grants us a time of renewal allowing (among other things) an opportunity to re-focus for the busy summer season. Our laying hens arrived last week from Polyface and our first step was filling the nesting boxes with hay. The kids and I so enjoyed the chance to  soak up the much prayed … Read the Rest

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A few things I have learned this Spring at Briarmoore… You are never too old to be amazed at the beauty and promise of a rainbow Hummingbird wings make a sound much louder than you think Everyone loves a ride on a four wheeler Skunks eat chickens Chickens sometimes eat their own eggsRedwing blackbirds weave … Read the Rest

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Rainy Day Creations


I know a lot of the ladies have posted recently about baking, but… You can’t have too much of a good thing when it comes to baking, right? 🙂 We’ve all heard the short “April showers bring May flowers” rhyme. Well, our April showers got here a little late – we’re getting them in May. … Read the Rest

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“It was Greek to me!”


Last time I posted (hehe – 5 weeks ago… Sorry folks, apprentice life is pretty busy…) I started talking about rabbits… Since then I have become entirely in charge of the rabbit operation and enjoy it more every day… I know you’re saying “That’s great, but that doesn’t tell me any more about the rabbits … Read the Rest

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Sewing for Spring

Skirt for Lauryn

Happy Good Friday! 🙂 Spring is ever so slowly peaking around the corner. Winter just doesn’t want to let go this year. When my bulbs start blooming, hope swells within me that Spring is almost here. Soon the winter hats will be packed away for the warm weather months and farmers everywhere will wonder where … Read the Rest

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Spring in Full Swing


With the most welcome change in temperature, life has gotten crazy busy here at the farm. Our first batch of chicks is already out on pasture with a second batch in the brooder. 17 calves have been born over the last two and a half weeks, and the hens are egg laying machines in the … Read the Rest

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Come on, Spring!

0303141112 - Copy

When many people think of Spring, chicks come to mind… Bunnies aren’t too far behind in that train of thought… So (even though it is currently snowing here in the beautiful hills of Polyface Farm) I’ve decided to move from chicks to the next logical thing in hopes that Spring will get the idea. 😛 … Read the Rest

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