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Not To Cold For…


Last week we had dinner at a friend’s house and we brought dessert. 🙂  Even though it had snowed that day I couldn’t resist making something cold and sweet!  With all the maple syrup we have been boiling down, this recipe was on my mind.  Maple pecan ice cream is simply delicious!  Enjoy! Maple Pecan … Read the Rest

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Snow Outside the sky drops white. It sprinkles without stopping. Each flake is a petal. The white dust settles without the slightest sound. The flakes weave a cover, crystal lace. The blanket keeps our Mother in silent wintry grace.   Yesterday we were literally buried in snow. Long after we were all snuggled in our beds … Read the Rest

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So Many Snow Days!


I think we all can agree the weather this Winter has been crazy. And just when I think it is about to change and the kids and I spend a lovely afternoon outdoors in 60 plus degree weather, BAM! We get hit with more snow. The extra cold days, a few bouts of sickness, and … Read the Rest

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Snow Memories


As adults, we often get irritated by the same happenings in life which bring awe and wonder to children. For instance, this past week’s blizzard. I couldn’t help but find the weather irritating. I had lots of things planned on my “to-do” list that just couldn’t get done with 24 inches of snow on the … Read the Rest

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Interrupted by Snow


I’m interrupting our schedule Fields of Farmers Discussion to share about the snow. 🙂 We had about 24 inches of snowfall overnight Wednesday and throughout most of the day Thursday. Here’s what I awoke to yesterday morning: It was a black and white world out there. 🙂 Later in the day, the snow just kept … Read the Rest

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