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Sheep Report

Sheep 004c

Andrew is happy to let you all know that his sheep are doing well! 🙂 (For those of you just joining us, you can see more about this story here.) Salt (the boy) is quite a bit smaller than Pepper and will probably be stunted his whole life. Such is the way sometimes with orphaned … Read the Rest

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My New Ride

Lamborghini Gallardo

There is a Lamborghini in our yard… No, Grady did not buy me a car.  He did however build me a moveable structure for a couple lambs so that they can mow the yard.  And we are calling it the ” Lamb”orghini. 🙂   A neighbor had some lambs freshly weaned and we were able … Read the Rest

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“Mary Had a Little Lamb”


While growing up I was always drawn to sheep and lambs.  I’m not sure what started it, maybe the few pictures and books on sheep that my mother had around, or the fact that I enjoyed reading about the “olden days” when there were shepherds living with the sheep.  Whatever it was though it stayed … Read the Rest

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