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Through the eyes of a boy…

April 2013 017c

Yesterday, Travis and Andrew asked to use the camera. Here are the pictures they brought back. And the last one was this beautiful shot of the sun shining out from behind the clouds. Take a moment today (even if just for 5 minutes) to reflect on something that gives you joy. Happy Friday!

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My New Ride

Lamborghini Gallardo

There is a Lamborghini in our yard… No, Grady did not buy me a car.  He did however build me a moveable structure for a couple lambs so that they can mow the yard.  And we are calling it the ” Lamb”orghini. 🙂   A neighbor had some lambs freshly weaned and we were able … Read the Rest

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“Mary Had a Little Lamb”


While growing up I was always drawn to sheep and lambs.  I’m not sure what started it, maybe the few pictures and books on sheep that my mother had around, or the fact that I enjoyed reading about the “olden days” when there were shepherds living with the sheep.  Whatever it was though it stayed … Read the Rest

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