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Summer Knitting


While the days continue to be quite busy, and somehow we find ourselves in July already, I have managed to eek out some time for knitting in the evening. The feel of the yarn sliding through my fingers and the occasional clicking of my needles relaxes me after a full day on the farm. In … Read the Rest

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Smitten with Sweaters


Winter hasn’t quite released us from her icy grip. Frequent freeze warnings and chilly mornings where our breath still hangs in front of us in the air keep us from packing away the few hats and coats remaining in our closets. Perhaps that is why I have been so taken with knitting sweaters lately. I … Read the Rest

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A Few of Winter’s Finished Crafts


Remember the lovely yarn I bought to knit myself something special? Well, I finally finished the hat and actually still have a few chilly months left to wear it. I love how it turned out. It can be worn slouchy (my preference) or snug by flipping up the brim. You can find the pattern here I … Read the Rest

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Hat Weather


Indian Summer has faded away and here in the Shenandoah Valley we have entered into hat weather. This temperature shift compels me to pick up my knitting needles and crochet hooks. Both the kids need new hats and even John could use a new topper. I cannot wait to get my hands on my new … Read the Rest

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What’s On Your Needles?


Or in other words, for all you non-knitters out there,”what are you working on?” For me this is a loaded question. I love knitting (and crochet too for all you fellow hookers out there). Turning something from a ball of yarn into a cute, lacy, or practical item is uplifting and inspiring. I currently have … Read the Rest

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Mystery Fall Knit Along

Gateway to Fall

Last week, I posted about the completion of my Summer Shawl. This week, I wanted to quickly share about the new Fall Shawl Mystery Knit Along hosted by the same lady who hosted my summer shawl knit along. Several of you expressed interest last week and I wanted to let you all know about the … Read the Rest

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Mystery Summer Shawl Knit Along

Blue and Gray Palette

A few months ago, I signed up for a Mystery Shawl Knit Along on Ravelry. I’ve never made a shawl or participated in a knit along and I thought this would be fun. Something to keep me on track. The knit along started on June 21 and every Friday another clue was released. 7 clues … Read the Rest

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Oh Sew Knit

Hey all, it’s Friday, so Sheri is here again! I thought that I would share pictures of my newest handmade project. As you may know from a post (quite a while back actually) previously, last summer I learned to knit.I’ve been sewing since I was about eight years and have always loved it, so when … Read the Rest

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