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Fresh – The Movie

Fresh – The Movie by Ripple Effect Films A beautiful, empowering film. Be sure to book your seat early. Joel will be at the DC, NYC, and Boston viewings. Come on out and show your support for good food, that heals the land and body! Click on the links below to purchase your ticket. DC: … Read the Rest

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Food, Inc.

FOOD INC. is a 90-minute documentary you’ll be hearing a lot aboutand it features Polyface Farm. I was invitedby the producers and distributors to participate with them in one ofthe first USA screenings Friday night at a huge filmfestival in Durham, NC. Eric Schlosser, author of FAST FOOD NATION (the number 1 sellingAmerican book of … Read the Rest

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GMO – the real story

Last December at the ACRES USA conference in St. Louis I ran into a guy who knew one of the executives at Monsanto. He told me about a conversation he’d had with this fellow regarding genetically modified organisms. The long and short of it was that one of the primary goals of GMOs was as … Read the Rest

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Fooding off the Grid: The Polyface Model

Few things are as visceral and close to the human condition as food. We can get along without electricity, petroleum, or computers. But we can’t do without food. He who controls food controls the people. And the fewer people who produce food, or know how to produce food, or cook food, or store food, or … Read the Rest

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Scaling up without selling your soul – Part 10

10. QUALITY MUST ALWAYS GO UP Finally, as we grow, we must never compromise quality. Plenty of great small business grow up to be ho-hum big businesses. Whatever growth occurs, it can never happen at the expense of quality. With clear conscience, I can honestly say that at 20,000 broilers they are better quality than … Read the Rest

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Scaling up without selling your soul – Part 9

9. STAY SEASONAL At Polyface, we only raise meat chickens in the summer because that’s when they can be out on pasture. We work in the woods in the winter because that’s when the wood is better, since the sap is down. And the rattlesnakes aren’t around, either. This ebb and flow in the work … Read the Rest

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Scaling up without selling your soul – Part 8

8. PEOPLE ANSWER THE PHONE This may seem nitpicky, but how many of you love talking to a robot? After being on the phone with a robot and starting over the fifth time, I can’t help but wonder if it wouldn’t be more efficient to just hire an incentivized neighbor to answer the phone and … Read the Rest

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Scaling up without selling your soul – Part 7

7. STAY WITHIN THE ECOLOGICAL CARRYING CAPACITY Numerous people have encouraged Polyface to become the Tyson of pastured poultry. But one of the distinguishing characteristics of an environmentally friendly farm compared to one that doesn’t care about the environment is how it handles the waste stream. In Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), including large processing … Read the Rest

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Scaling up without selling your soul – Part 6

6. NO ADVERTISING Amazingly, even the largest companies in the world still receive more than 50 percent of their business by word-of-mouth recommendation. That’s quite astounding when you think about $1 million 30-second Super Bowl ads. At Polyface, we’ve built our customer base on rewarded customers. Whenever we get a new customer, our first question … Read the Rest

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