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Chore Time! — Pigs


Well, folks, here we are!… at the end of the road for my morning chore routine (unless you count feeding our dog, Michael… I do that after I’m done in the hoop houses 🙂 ). We’ve made it through the pullets and roosters of hoop house 3. Last week, we met the layers in the … Read the Rest

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Chore Time! — Layers


So, if you’ve been following me for the past “few” weeks (sorry I missed a couple weeks in there!… life as an apprentice is buuu-sssyyy), you’ll know that we’re taking a peek into my every day chore routine. We’ve made it through hoop house 3, and today, we get to look at  hoop house 4! … Read the Rest

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Chore Time! — Roosters

One eligible bachelor

I just know that the anticipation has been growing since last week to find out what else is living in hoop house 3. Well, folks, may your anxiousness subside for it is Tuesday once again! And today this “secret” is to be revealed… …the pullet’s neighbors are… …drum roll please… …Roosters!   I hope that … Read the Rest

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Chore Time! — Pullets

The view inside the front door of hoop 3.

Life on the farm is full of variety! This summer, as an intern, I learned quickly that each new day is an adventure. Being the spontaneous type myself, this was something that brought a smile to my face. However, there are some things that are pretty routine around here… chores probably being the most prominent. … Read the Rest

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