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Wreaking Havoc


“…GMOs are genetically altered beings. Now that the clever human mind has been able to learn about DNA and peer into the genetic code, we can splice genetic material from one species into another. In other words, we can take a trait from a pig and put it into tomatoes. … Aren’t we clever? … … Read the Rest

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Picking Promises

  “What would you do in the following situation? You are a tomato farmer whose crops are threatened by a persistent species of beetle. Each year, you spend large sums of money for chemical pesticides to protect your crops. A biotechnology company introduces a new strain of tomato plant that produces a natural pesticide, making … Read the Rest

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Naturally Theirs


Vermont’s law – Act 120 – will require food containing genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled, effective July 1, 2016. To many, this is fantastic news! On the surface, this seems like a giant leap for mankind! Products containing genetically modified organisms/genetically engineered products  will soon be labeled for all to see and know!  GMOs are a … Read the Rest

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