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Spring Hatch


The first hatch of the season is in full swing here at Greenmont Farm.  As Joel recently said in the spring newsletter, “Frustrated with the quality of hatchery chicks (small, fragile, stupid) several years ago Polyface embarked on a bold plan: saving healthy, productive older layers, mating them with select roosters, and hatching in-house pullets.  … Read the Rest

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Let’s Bake a Cake


Our own little flock of hens produce thirteen eggs nearly everyday. My fridge is filled with them. Nicolaus suggested we bake a cake and I could not think of a better way to spend an afternoon. I have to admit sometimes I find it hard to surrender the kitchen to my little helpers. But the joy … Read the Rest

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Chore Time! — Layers


So, if you’ve been following me for the past “few” weeks (sorry I missed a couple weeks in there!… life as an apprentice is buuu-sssyyy), you’ll know that we’re taking a peek into my every day chore routine. We’ve made it through hoop house 3, and today, we get to look at  hoop house 4! … Read the Rest

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Chore Time! — Pullets

The view inside the front door of hoop 3.

Life on the farm is full of variety! This summer, as an intern, I learned quickly that each new day is an adventure. Being the spontaneous type myself, this was something that brought a smile to my face. However, there are some things that are pretty routine around here… chores probably being the most prominent. … Read the Rest

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Cornbread – Southern cooking at its best


My family loves cornbread! It’s our number one requested item and each one of us has been known to eat it for any of the meals and sometimes in between too! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I decided to share the recipe. There are hundreds of great cornbread recipes out there, this one just … Read the Rest

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Breakfast time

Rachel's pics of the farm 112

Can I admit something to you? It may come as quite a surprise since I’m a farmer’s wife and all, but here it is: I’m not a breakfast person. Truly. Never have been, probably never will be. It’s not the getting up in the mornings, it’s the thought of food in the mornings. Not good. … Read the Rest

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Using Medium Eggs

We were sent the following note from a dear patron. You may find it useful: I have been buying the Medium eggs for three years now, and I do not miss large eggs at all. After reading your note about your large egg shortage, I thought I ‘d write up some notes about using medium … Read the Rest

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Cooking eggs in Stainless Steel

How to Cook Eggs in a Stainless Steel Pan.by Helen Dickey Put dry pan with lid on stove on medium-low heat.Let it heat up until butter will sizzle.Coat the bottom with sizzing butter by drawing on it with the butter stick.Put in 3 to 4 eggs. (Too many does not work well.)Cover and wait about … Read the Rest

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Spinach Fritata

Spinach Fritata 1/2 lb spinach1/2 c sundried tomatoes, choppeda little olive oil1doz large eggs or equivalent of smaller eggssalt8oz feta cheese crumbles If using fresh spinach, use 1/2 lbs after stems are removed. Clean and wilt spinach with the tomatoes and olive oil in aniron skillet. Lightly beat the eggs with a little salt and … Read the Rest

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