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Walk the Garden with Me


Today I wanted to share pictures of my yard and garden with you. Daniel and I live on a hill so there isn’t much flat space for vegetable gardens. I have a couple of raised beds where I grow fresh herbs and what everyone around here calls “Sheri’s Salsa Garden”. From the name it should … Read the Rest

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Duck, Duck, DUCK!

ducks 026

Both of my boys have started little businesses this year. Andrew got lambs in March and now Travis has taken on ducks. These are Khaki Campbell Ducks. Right now he has them in a feathernet and is using the pen we built for the sheep to lock them up at night. (The sheep are now … Read the Rest

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Trial Run

Aren't they just so cute?!?

Back in Oklahoma we had a few ducks and really enjoyed them.  They love grass and bugs, and I think they are more entertaining than chickens. We decided this fall to run a small batch of Peking ducks for a trial run for next year.  They will be for meat, so in about 4 weeks … Read the Rest

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