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Meet Moses


When we learned John would be managing Briarmoore, we agreed it might be handy to have a canine helper for the farm. But really, who needs an excuse to get a puppy?! John had been hearing good things about Blue Heelers, so we looked into the breed ourselves. Also known as an Australian Heeler or … Read the Rest

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Michael :)

Michael is verrrry nice :)

Happy Tuesday! In my last post, I mentioned Michael the dog. So, this week, I thought why not introduce the wonderful readers of the hen house to Michael – a true icon of Polyface. If you ever find yourself at our farm, he’s a hard one to miss. Standing about three feet tall, Michael is … Read the Rest

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The Dogs on Our Farm


It is such a joy to me to have so many animals all around us every day, but the ones I enjoy the most are the dogs.  As far back as I can remember I have always had dogs around, some I loved more than others, but they were my comrades in play and sorrow. … Read the Rest

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