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Cloth Diaper Update

diaper naomi

If you have been following this blog since John and I first came to Briarmoor, you will remember when I wrote about our choice to use  cloth diapers. Can you believe I have been cloth diapering for over a year now? Number one: I cannot believe Naomi is 15 months old. Number two:  I’m now … Read the Rest

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Not Your Mom’s Cloth Diaper – Part 2


I have received several questions about cloth diapering so I thought I would do a follow up to this post about my cloth diaper experience so far. If you Google cloth diapering you will find a myriad of web pages addressing anything and everything about the subject including social networking pages about the proper washing methods … Read the Rest

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A “New” Kind of Diaper

One of my favorite sights!

  My mother used cloth diapers with all of us kids; just the prefold, pins and a plastic pull on cover.  I remember helping put them on my youngest sister and being scared that I might poke her, or myself, with the pin.  Great for the environment, not such a good design, (although it has … Read the Rest

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