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Meet Moses


When we learned John would be managing Briarmoore, we agreed it might be handy to have a canine helper for the farm. But really, who needs an excuse to get a puppy?! John had been hearing good things about Blue Heelers, so we looked into the breed ourselves. Also known as an Australian Heeler or … Read the Rest

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We are busy, busy here at Briarmoore and this week has been filled with lots of cuteness. Two of our rabbit does had litters this week. All the kits seem to be healthy and happy. This is encouraging as our last round did not fare as well. All of us are enjoying this new endeavor. … Read the Rest

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“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…” Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 Early morning fog signals cooler days are in the not too distant future. As hot September afternoons usher in Fall, our first season at Briarmoor is coming to a close.We have no more chicks in the brooder, one less group … Read the Rest

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Sundays are all about togetherness. We experience a lot more family time now that we are managing Briarmoore, and on Sundays we make an extra effort to spend the day together including completing ALL our chores as a family. This is especially great for the kids, enabling them to experience aspects of the farm they are not a … Read the Rest

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A few things I have learned this Spring at Briarmoore… You are never too old to be amazed at the beauty and promise of a rainbow Hummingbird wings make a sound much louder than you think Everyone loves a ride on a four wheeler Skunks eat chickens Chickens sometimes eat their own eggsRedwing blackbirds weave … Read the Rest

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And so it begins…


We are actually farmers! It seems so fitting that our first batch of chicks should arrive of the first day of Spring. Granted, there was snow on the ground and the temperature outside didn’t exactly bring to mind cuddly chicks and Easter bunnies, but they came none the less! Prior to their arrival, John had … Read the Rest

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Two Months


This weekend marks two months that we have been at Briarmoore. It has been quite an adjustment from our life in suburbia, and we try to embrace every new experience with a sense of adventure.   Some transitions have been easier than others and the next two months will usher in many new developments: the … Read the Rest

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As I savor my first (and probably only) quiet cup of coffee of the day, I realize how good and “at home” I feel. Laura Ingalls Wilder once said, “Home is the nicest word there is” and in many ways I have to agree. Our house we left for Briarmoore really was “ours.” It started … Read the Rest

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The Wood Stove


The farmhouse at Briarmoore is a venerable structure with original wood floors and mostly original doors.   Heat for the home comes from propane and a wood stove central to the house. John and I want to try to primarily use the stove because A: Wood is very affordable and B: Wouldn’t it be cool to … Read the Rest

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