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Up It Goes!


You know those lists you make of things to get done?  Well, here at Polyface lists are very important to help keep us on track and to keep things rolling.  At the beginning of the year “the big list” is made of all the things we would like to see accomplished and things that have … Read the Rest

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My New Project

Launch Day 2014

Last time I posted on this blog, I mentioned a new project that I was working on. Today, I want to share more about this project. I’ve created a new website called Eager Farmer – Connecting experience, education and enthusiasm in farming. This is a help wanted style website for farmers to find employees, interns/apprentices, … Read the Rest

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Fields of Farmers

Cover--Fields of Farmers

I am so excited about this book. The biggest reason is because passing a heritage onto the next generation, helping people get started on their own farm and succeed at it, and shaping the future my kids will grow up in is a huge passion of mine. Daniel feels as strongly as I do. The … Read the Rest

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Mystery Fall Knit Along | Part 2

Gateway to Fall

Several weeks ago, I posted about the Mystery fall knit along that I was planning participating in. This week, I thought I would share a picture of my progress so far. For those of you who are participating and have a blog, post your pictures and link back! I’d love to see how yours is … Read the Rest

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Not like I Imagined


Do you ever have those days that don’t go exactly like you planned? In fact, the list that you so diligently created that morning was just a shadow by 10am. A fleeting thought, there and gone. My week has been sort of like that. About the only thing I have done consistently this week was … Read the Rest

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Seasonal farm hands arrive

Everyone knows you can’t farm alone. Why would you want to? Thus, we are delighted to introduce our seasonal help for our first year at Buxton Farm; Daphne and Vinay. You can tell from their unique names that they come from afar with great purpose and intention to learn animal husbandry with us. Daphne was … Read the Rest

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