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Fall in Virginia!!


There are no words to describe my beautiful drive to work every morning! Especially this time of year!!    


All about bees!!


I loved this blog post from “Gwynny” that I decided to share it for my post as well! Goop is a fun blog by Gwyneth Paltrow and had this great article full of interesting facts, products and recipes! Enjoy! Click here to read the Buzzenvironment. →

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Make your own bacon!!

Wendy Gray

We have had several groups of people in the store the last couple of weeks buying our pork bellies and wanting to know how to make their own bacon! Literally more than 5 different groups, completely unrelated, in search of recipes, advice, etc on making their own bacon. My answer to all of them and … Read the Rest

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Dear Spring,


Dear Spring, I think of you every day and cannot wait for you to get here. Old man winter is no fun. I’ll meet you in the garden. Love, Wendy (Thank you Brie for the amazing pics!!!)      


Home sweet home……


Our farm store opened again today after being closed since December 15th for the holidays! I’ve never been so excited to return to work! Although the holidays were nice and involved lots of down time with family my Polyface family is very near and dear to my heart as well and it wasn’t the same … Read the Rest

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New Years Eve…


I’ve never been a big fan of New Years Eve. Too much pressure to attend “the party of the year” and have the most fun you’ve ever had and make resolutions to be the skinniest, smartest, healthiest, most organized and put together person you know. Really? It all sounds good and I have to admit … Read the Rest

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Polyface in the fall!!


I am constantly late to work this time of year (shhhh, don’t tell Joel) because I stop to take pictures of the fall leaves on my way in to work! These images don’t even begin to describe how beautiful the Shenandoah Valley is in the fall but I thought I would share a few in … Read the Rest

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Bittersweet day..


                 Good morning and happy fall! I love the month of October because it means fall is officially here but it also means that it’s time for our interns that have been with us all summer to leave. This video from my dear friend Jenna Woginrich of Cold … Read the Rest

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There’s nothing better than fall on the farm!! Flannel shirts, bonfires, hot apple cider, mums on the porches and a chill in the air! Every year our whole crew takes a ride up the mountain to roast hot dogs and enjoy the cooler weather! Things start slowing down a bit and it’s nice to sit … Read the Rest

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