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Clean Up


This time of year always seems to sneak up on me.  Some days I feel like summer is never going to end and I will forever and always have piles of picked vegetables staring up at me, waiting to be preserved.  Then it happens.  I wake up one morning and the air is crisp and … Read the Rest

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Not To Cold For…


Last week we had dinner at a friend’s house and we brought dessert. 🙂  Even though it had snowed that day I couldn’t resist making something cold and sweet!  With all the maple syrup we have been boiling down, this recipe was on my mind.  Maple pecan ice cream is simply delicious!  Enjoy! Maple Pecan … Read the Rest

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Up It Goes!


You know those lists you make of things to get done?  Well, here at Polyface lists are very important to help keep us on track and to keep things rolling.  At the beginning of the year “the big list” is made of all the things we would like to see accomplished and things that have … Read the Rest

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Sugaring Time!?


I wouldn’t have thought with the start we had to winter, 5 inches of snow the day before Thanksgiving, that by the middle of January we would be setting buckets out and preparing for another season of sugaring!  But that is exactly what is happening around here.  The weather forecast looks just about perfect, so … Read the Rest

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With the temperatures getting colder around here and with having a little more time on my hands after the holidays, I found my self this week sitting on my floor and  pinning patches onto some of my husbands pants. I started out with 4 pairs of pants that were in need of a lot of … Read the Rest

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Sweet Results


So, after we have all the trees tapped it is just a matter of waiting for the sugar water to start flowing.  This year we had a fairly long season, thanks to the weather being colder longer.  When the nights are freezing and the days are above freezing with little wind we were collecting our … Read the Rest

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The Story: Part 2


Well, I decided to stay on because I loved farming, but with full knowledge the internal turmoil over Eric would continue.  I left at the end of October and went home for two months.  While at home I thought about Eric a lot, wondering what he was up to and if I even entered his … Read the Rest

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The Story: Part 1


So, my side of the story starts on May 31st, 2011.  I pulled into Polyface ready for the adventure of 4 months living and working with like minded people and learning to farm.  On my arrival the first person I found was Eric Barth.  I remember exactly where he was and what he was working … Read the Rest

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We have a few piglets that were born late last week!  So cute!

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