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Susan Blasko is the DC area and Northern Virginia marketing representative for Polyface. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication at the University of Pittsburgh, and completed the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program at Georgetown University. She discovered real food when her good friend gave her a copy of Sally Fallon’s “Nourishing Traditions”. She went “cold turkey”, and hasn’t purchased food in a supermarket since 2008. Susan considers farmers to be her closest allies in procuring produce grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and meats from animals raised the way nature intended – on the pasture, and in the sun. Now a Board Certified Nutritional Therapist, Susan maintains a small private practice, helping her clients to reclaim their well being by guiding them in their quest for safe, nutrient dense, sustainably raised foods. She teaches food preparation techniques that increase nutrient bioavailability and enhance nature’s best flavors. She believes that by forming relationships with life-giving processes, we become better stewards of our bodies and of our planet. She encourages partnering with nature to honor and nurture the mysterious property that makes food alive and gives us life!

Kick the Supermarket Habit: 10 Tips for Identifying Nutritious, Life-Giving Foods

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I kicked the supermarket habit in 2008 after knocking down cancer three times. My illness was a wake-up call. It really got my attention. I am grateful for the sustainable farmers who provide me with nutrient dense, clean, safe food. They changed my life. I believe that I am still alive today largely because of … Read the Rest



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Sheri, thank you for inviting me to the Polyface Hen House. There is plenty to cluck about these days, but I’ll try to stick with topics like nutrition and health since that’s my specialty. I was raised in Pennsylvania, spent 13 years in Arizona, followed by another 25 in the DC/Northern Virginia area. A city … Read the Rest

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