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Miriam grew up among the lakes of beautiful central Minnesota and is the youngest of four. She is devoted to serving her King Jesus, and she finds great joy in spending time outside (especially while farming and hunting!) and in simply sharing a cup of coffee with friends or family. She looks forward to continuing to learn and grow at Polyface and is eager to trust the Lord with whatever the future may hold.

One Peachy Day :)

mm, mm, mmmm

[Disclaimer: So sorry that  my post is on a similar topic to this past Sunday’s post! I wrote this before Sunday’s was published, so I hope y’all don’t mind a double helping of peaches! 😉 ] After being at Polyface over a year now, I’ve come to better experience – and enjoy! – eating produce … Read the Rest

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Turkey Update


In my last post we saw our turkeys movin’ out to shelters on pasture from the brooder. However, turkeys quickly outgrow their shelters and must be moved to a new home once again. Their final destination (before the processing shed!) is a shaded gobbledygo surrounded by electric poultry netting. We make the gobbledygos with lumber … Read the Rest

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Finally Out to Pasture!


Last week I wrote about our turkeys first four weeks of life in the brooder. Today, we get to take a look at the day that the girls had been waiting for…. pasture!… fresh green grass every single day.   On their four week birthday all the little ones got loaded up in crates one-by-one. … Read the Rest

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Turkey Babies


A little over a month ago we welcomed our second (and final) batch of Broad Breasted White turkey poults to Polyface. Total, we received 850 birds – 400 hens and 450 toms. The toms moved on to be raised at one of our rental farms and the hens stayed here… with me! These little girls … Read the Rest

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Spreading, spreading, spreading…


Springtime on the farm is buuu-sy! And, it means a lot of changes – cows, broilers, and pigs out on pasture, new calves, eggmobiles, planting seeds, annnd spreading compost… LOTS of compost – compost from the cattle and pigerators in the barn, compost from the rabbits and chickens in the hoop houses, and offal compost. … Read the Rest

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Michael :)

Michael is verrrry nice :)

Happy Tuesday! In my last post, I mentioned Michael the dog. So, this week, I thought why not introduce the wonderful readers of the hen house to Michael – a true icon of Polyface. If you ever find yourself at our farm, he’s a hard one to miss. Standing about three feet tall, Michael is … Read the Rest

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Chore Time! — Pigs


Well, folks, here we are!… at the end of the road for my morning chore routine (unless you count feeding our dog, Michael… I do that after I’m done in the hoop houses 🙂 ). We’ve made it through the pullets and roosters of hoop house 3. Last week, we met the layers in the … Read the Rest

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Chore Time! — Layers


So, if you’ve been following me for the past “few” weeks (sorry I missed a couple weeks in there!… life as an apprentice is buuu-sssyyy), you’ll know that we’re taking a peek into my every day chore routine. We’ve made it through hoop house 3, and today, we get to look at  hoop house 4! … Read the Rest

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Chore Time! — Roosters

One eligible bachelor

I just know that the anticipation has been growing since last week to find out what else is living in hoop house 3. Well, folks, may your anxiousness subside for it is Tuesday once again! And today this “secret” is to be revealed… …the pullet’s neighbors are… …drum roll please… …Roosters!   I hope that … Read the Rest

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