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Joel: Producing an Audio Book

Joel on field day

Note from Sheri: When Joel came to dinner the other night and started talking about his experience with audio recording, I asked him to write it out for us to share. We hope that you might enjoy it as much as we did. Wednesday Evening, August July 27, 2011 I have a new book coming … Read the Rest

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Today is Field Day!

Kristin Pike

Good morning! We’re headed over to Polyface in just a few minutes to help with Field Day today. Hope to see you there!

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Welcome Bob and Chris!

Lots of good stuff going on here at Green Light Farm! We’re happy to announce that our two interns, Bob and Chris, arrived a couple weeks ago! Bob (left) is from Rhode Island, and Chris (right) is from New Jersey. They’ll be here with us through September, and we are sure glad for their help! … Read the Rest

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A busy week

We’ve had a busy week here over at Briarmoore. We helped some friends process their chickens on Tuesday. Thursday morning we processed our chickens, and in the afternoon we cut them up and packaged them. Friday we returned to Polyface to finish cutting up and packaging the rest of our birds. Today I will be … Read the Rest

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My week in pictures

My son and I putting in new flower beds in front of the house. He loves digging in the dirt. I’m excited about the stone border my brother-in-law showed me how to build! Helping move the cows across the road… and back a few days later. It was a lot of fun- moving the cows … Read the Rest

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Baby calf

On our farm this week we’ve been bottle feeding a baby calf who was rejected by her mother. She’s a sweet little girl, but all bones. When my husband found her, she was curled up in the field the herd had just left. She stayed behind because she was too weak to go to the … Read the Rest

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Getting to know Kristin

1. What inspires you? Good music, birds chirping in the morning, my sweet family, singing in a choir, good coffee, laughing together, the change of seasons, eye contact, a clean kitchen, stacks of folded laundry, the smell of lemongrass and peppermint, old houses, the beauty of nature, antique shops, to-do lists that are checked off. … Read the Rest


Food for Sunday

On Saturday, I always try to plan a simple meal for Sunday that I can prepare in the morning before we leave for church. I love coming home to a kitchen that already smells yummy! Here’s what we’ll be eating tomorrow: Orange Thyme Crock-Pot Chicken 1 can frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed1/2 tsp. thymepinch of … Read the Rest

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I’m the new Saturday chick

Hello all! I’m Kristin (with an “in”), nice to meet you! My husband Daniel and I manage Briarmoor, one of Polyface’s rental farms. For my first post I thought I would expound upon our journey to Virginia. In May 2005, my husband joined the military. In the fall of 2005, we discovered Joel’s book, “You … Read the Rest

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