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About Sheri Salatin

Sheri is married to Daniel Salatin. She is the marketing director at Polyface Farm and stay-at-home mom of three children. Sheri is passionate about clean food and is enjoying working the land along side her husband. When not farming, Sheri can be found reading, writing, sewing, baking and serving in her church family.

Quilt on the Horizon | Part 2

Swoon Block 1

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday with family and friends. If you were delayed in your celebration dinner, I wish you a great one when it does happen! 🙂 Today, I wanted to share pictures of the progress I have made on the Swoon Quilt so far. First, I’ve got the … Read the Rest

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Quilt on the Horizon

Swoon for Mom

It’s the time of year when the weather begins shifting to fall and my love of quilting kicks in. This year I promised to make a quilt for my mom. So in September, we went shopping for fabrics and she settled on these absolutely beautiful prints called Horizon by Kate Spain. I’m in love. Then … Read the Rest

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Cow Days and Winter Grazing Schedule


Today’s post will not be for everyone. Those of you who don’t have cattle will cross your eyes in boredom. This is for those of you who have cattle and are practicing management intensive grazing. It’s been a very dry summer. Every day, we pray for rain. As you know there are several things that … Read the Rest

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Balancing Farming and Schooling

4 leaf clover

It’s that time of year. As many of you know, I homeschool our 3 children. We started this year’s book learning on September 1 and it’s always a bit of a juggling act in balancing farm and school. I’m sure some of you are nodding your heads right now. (Notice I said book learning, my … Read the Rest

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Farm Kids

Silly boys catching toads off Grandma's porch

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite silly photos of the Salatin kids on the farm. Happy Friday!


Open discussion about Polyface Internship

Eager Farmer 123-001

During this time of year, I like to open the floor to you to ask questions about our Polyface internship. Right now through Aug 10, we are accepting requests for applications for next summer’s season. June 1 – September 30, 2015. To apply, you will need to visit our webpage. Copied directly from the Polyface … Read the Rest

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My New Project

Launch Day 2014

Last time I posted on this blog, I mentioned a new project that I was working on. Today, I want to share more about this project. I’ve created a new website called Eager Farmer – Connecting experience, education and enthusiasm in farming. This is a help wanted style website for farmers to find employees, interns/apprentices, … Read the Rest

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Clothesline Reflections


During the summer, spring and sometime fall months I love to hang my clothes on the line. Not only do the clothes smell fresh and saves money on electricity, but there is something so peaceful about hanging clothes. Sun is shining, birds chirping,  and blue skies overhead. It’s a perfect time for thinking, planning, or … Read the Rest


On the Farm


Whew! Summer! Whoever coined the phrase “Lazy days of summer” was certainly no farmer. There’s nothing lazy about it, is there? I’m sure you are reading this post right now and thinking about all the other things you should be doing instead. Goodness, I’m writing this post and thinking it! 🙂 Here at Polyface, we’re … Read the Rest

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