Kick the Supermarket Habit: 10 Tips for Identifying Nutritious Life-Giving Foods

Tip #9 – Buy Local and in Season

Technology allows us the luxury of buying almost any food at almost any time, year round. Our society has become disconnected from the rhythm of the seasons. After generations of easy availability, we have come to believe that without modern technology we would be unable to feed ourselves, especially in the winter.

But we belong to the Earth and her life cycles. By seeking local foods in season we become reconnected with nature and the wisdom of our ancestors. Our very cells instinctively know that food is most delicious and most nutritious when it is grown on a small scale, locally, and harvested in season. This is because it is raised in soil that is nutrient-rich instead of nutrient-depleted. Contrast this with some organic foods that are grown in large quantities, picked before ripening and travel long distances to sit in storage for months before they reach the supermarket shelves. Which do you think is more nutritious?

So how do we know what’s in season? One way to know is to visit your local grocer and the farmers market on a regular basis. If it’s in season, it will be for sale there.

You may find foods that you’ve never seen before. Local grocers and small farmers love when you ask about them. Buy something that’s completely unfamiliar to you. Find out what it is and jot down the name on a piece of scrap paper so you won’t forget it by the time you drive home. Type it into your search engine, add the word “recipe” next to it and see what comes up. Be adventurous! Have fun experimenting with your taste buds!

Local, sustainably raised produce and meats are less expensive than certified organic. However, they are still somewhat more expensive than conventionally produced foods. Tell yourself you’re worth it.

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About Susan Blasko

Susan Blasko is the DC area and Northern Virginia marketing representative for Polyface. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication at the University of Pittsburgh, and completed the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program at Georgetown University. She discovered real food when her good friend gave her a copy of Sally Fallon’s “Nourishing Traditions”. She went “cold turkey”, and hasn’t purchased food in a supermarket since 2008. Susan considers farmers to be her closest allies in procuring produce grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and meats from animals raised the way nature intended – on the pasture, and in the sun. Now a Board Certified Nutritional Therapist, Susan maintains a small private practice, helping her clients to reclaim their well being by guiding them in their quest for safe, nutrient dense, sustainably raised foods. She teaches food preparation techniques that increase nutrient bioavailability and enhance nature’s best flavors. She believes that by forming relationships with life-giving processes, we become better stewards of our bodies and of our planet. She encourages partnering with nature to honor and nurture the mysterious property that makes food alive and gives us life!

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