Finish It! A 2016 Finish Along

2016 iPhone 218I hope you all don’t mind my interrupting our Farm Wife Friday posts to share some of my exciting finishes this year!

Back in January, I recklessly committed to a Finish Along contest on Instagram. It’s hosted by multiple bloggers and ran from January 7-April 7.

The rules are that you must have at least the fabrics or some of the materials on hand, then you post a collage of those items and by April 7 they all had to be finished completely. If you made a quilt, that included binding.

I submitted 8 projects and I’m amazed and excited to announce that somehow, someway, I finished them all! Being the crazy, over achiever that I am, my project list included 1 King Size Quilt, 2 twin size quilts, 1 throw quilt, 2 baby quilts, a table runner and a pillow.

 This was my initial picture of projects:

2016 iPod 1460And here are my finishes:

Quilty Barn Pillow

2016 iPhone 044

Autumn Table Runner

2016 iPod 1642

Baby Plus Quilt

2016 iPod 1638

Breezy Quilt

2016 iPhone 095

Holiday Vintage (Just in time for Christmas 2016) Ha!

2016 iPhone 245

Patchwork Quilt

2016 iPhone 198



And last but not least…


2016 iPhone 240

Happy Friday!

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7 Responses to Finish It! A 2016 Finish Along

  1. farmmom says:

    Sheri- Congratulations! Those are beautiful. There was a lot of work (and I’m sure a lot of LOVE) put into those quilts. They inspired me to work on a quilt I have been meaning to finish (only need to sew the blocks together and quilt and bind it). That is going to be my goal this weekend, to get it to the ladies who quilt them. Keep up the awesome work!!

  2. Those are gorgeous! How long have you been quilting? How did you learn?

  3. Elle says:

    These are magnificent! You are amazingly tslented. I’m so impressed!

  4. Those are all so beautiful! Nicely done. I especially like Swoon. That was quite a winter accomplishment!

  5. Rose says:

    Amazing!! I love Breezy and Patchwork. ^_^

  6. sherrytx says:

    Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.

  7. One day I will do a fancy quilt that requires patterns and planning. I did finally finish(after 2-3 years) a denim crash quilt for my son. I even made a fleece/flannel throw and a monogrammed pillow to match. If I can just make the denim shams it will be an entire set!

    Your quilts are lovely.