Does it Really Matter?

Sustainable Farming is my job; my calling! It’s my passion; my life! I consider the love of animals, the love of the land, the active lifestyle, and the health from a natural diet benefits of my farming occupation, because I love those things. While I know that animal care and land management do not appeal to everyone, love of animals and love of the beautiful Earth we have can still be important to them…

But what’s the big deal? Is food food? As far as a steak goes, are MPall steaks created equal? Does it really matter how our food is raised?


I decided over the winter to do some research to find out just how big a difference it makes to raise animals the way we do. Some of the information I found was shocking, disturbing, and, in some cases, repulsive. I confirmed that a healthy and natural diet should be important to everyone. A natural, whole, nutrient dense diet is an something that I can share with other people. The food we choose to eat DOES have an impact on our bodies. The vote we cast with our dollars based on the foods we choose to buy DOES have an impact on our communities, our country, and our earth’s ecological existence.

chickensThe food we produce DOES have a beneficial impact on lives! With a diet based on whole, unprocessed, un-chemicalized foods people can be helped and even healed, while preserving and nurturing the land for future generations. 

Tune in on Mondays for the next several weeks as I share with you some of the facts that I gathered about the difference our kind of farming makes.


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About Hannah Hale

Hannah hails from McComb, Mississippi, where she farmed with her parents and three sisters. Home-schooled all her life, she grew up helping her grandfather on his Black Angus farm and working with her family to raise dairy goats, laying hens, and bees. Her love for animals blossomed through her involvement in 4-H and cattle showing. Hannah discovered Polyface through a lecture by Joel, and while reading his book You Can Farm, she realized that her life-long dream of farming could become a reality. The summer of 2013 saw Hannah a Polyface intern, and she was subsequently chosen to become an apprentice. Now married, Hannah helps her husband as they work as Polyface rental-farm managers. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of the Polyface team and learn from the best. In the future, Hannah wants to farm full-time and keep Jesus central in her life.

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