The Summer’s End

As we head into September, the warmth and buzz of summer is beginning to fade.  The school year has begun, the first signs of color are visible and the chores on the farm begin to shift.  This fall, we are in an especially significant time of change for our family.  Our fourth baby girl is due in one week and we could not be more excited for her arrival!  Shortly thereafter, we will be moving back to Caleb’s hometown of Jackson, TN.  We are so grateful for our time at Polyface and in many ways wish that we could stay . . . but when an opportunity arises in your hometown it is hard to turn down.  In TN we will be starting our own farm- serving the Jackson, Memphis and Nashville areas.  We are thrilled to be back near family and to be able to bring along all of the lessons we have learned during our time with Polyface.  As we prepare to leave Virginia, we are more and more aware of the seasons that the Lord walks us through.  Our entire marriage seems to have been the turning of pages, always moving forward, never standing still.  And while we are grateful for the lessons learned during those years, we are ready for a time of standing still.  We are ready to get to know our community and be a part of our new town.  We are excited for our girls to make lasting friendships and have birthday parties with more kids than adults.  And we are thrilled about the opportunity to farm as a family, walking the sometimes thin line between life and work and play!  Feel free to follow along on our journey of starting a family farm from the ground up . . .

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About Betsy Curlin

Betsy is married to Caleb and they have three children. Betsy is home with her girls and spends her days teaching, cooking, exploring, and taking part in endless tea parties. In addition to helping Caleb with everyday farm chores, Betsy also runs a photography business. She enjoys reading, hiking, skiing, and spending time together as a family.

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