Cloth Diaper Update

If you have been following this blog since John and I first came to Briarmoor, you will remember when I wrote about our choice to use  cloth diapers. Can you believe I have been cloth diapering for over a year now? Number one: I cannot believe Naomi is 15 months old. Number two:  I’m now unsure of why faced cloth diapering with such trepidation. I have several different diapers I favor over the others, but the  ones I turn to often are my hybrid fitteds.

My friend and neighbor Heather entered into her cloth diaper journey at about the same time as I. She is a master seamstress and decided to try her hand at making her own to help save some money. Her creations are absolutely adorable and with much encouragement from family and friends, she has started a business (Boondoggle Basics) selling cloth diapers and other goods for babies and children. I was a part of the test group for the diapers and can honestly say I love them.

diaper naomi
Boondoggle Basics Hybrid diapers are made in such cute 100% cotton prints. Half the time I don’t even put pants on Naomi because they are so cute! There is a hidden layer of fleece in addition to a cotton/bamboo snap-in soaker. They are technically not water proof, but with such great absorbency. I hardly ever use a cover unless I am using them for nighttime.

three diapers
Aren’t  they just too cute!

There are three main reasons I support Boondoggle Basics:

1. The diapers work great. They are soft and super absorbent without being too bulky. It can be hard to find a trim diaper that work well and these fit petite Naomi and last about 4 hours before needing a change.

2. I love supporting mommy-owned business, especially those local to me.

3. She donates 10% of her earnings every month to a different Charity/Ministry.

Heather and I will be sharing a table at the upcoming Oh Baby! Expo in Harrisonburg, VA at the end of the month. If you are in the area come check out her goods along with my knit and crochet creations.


Yes, Heather is a dear friend but the thoughts and views expressed in this post are my own. I have received no compensation from Boondoggle Basics for this review.

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