Summer Up North

Ever since I was a baby, we traveled to Northern Michigan to spend a week at our family cottage.  The time was full of water activities- fishing, water skiing, tubing, and swimming, adventures to the “big lake” (Lake Michigan), and if we were lucky, a night of putt-putt and ice cream.  It was the sweetest part of my summer and one that I looked forward to all year.  Now that I have kids of my own, I have tried to share with them my love for Northern Michigan.  We have only made it there in the summer twice in seven years but have been able to go a few times in the fall, which has a whole different, wonderful beauty of its own.  While I know that the term “summer break” can solicit laughter from a group of farmers, this week was one of our top priorities this year.  This year was special because it was the first time in five years that my entire family would gather.  I missed our last gathering so I was committed to making it this time around.

There were 38 of us in all and it was a week that I will treasure.  The girls played endlessly in the water, building sandcastles, and even tried out tubing.  We shared meals together, ran down Sleep Bear Dunes and (my favorite) enjoyed a treat at The Cherry Republic.

In the midst of a busy summer, I hope that you are able to take a few moments of rest.  Caleb was only able to join us for three days, but he remarked that he could not believe how restored he felt upon returning to the farm.  In a job such as farming where the work is never ending, I think it is especially important to be able to pause, regain your focus and dive back in.  And now for the diving back in part!


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About Betsy Curlin

Betsy is married to Caleb and they have three children. Betsy is home with her girls and spends her days teaching, cooking, exploring, and taking part in endless tea parties. In addition to helping Caleb with everyday farm chores, Betsy also runs a photography business. She enjoys reading, hiking, skiing, and spending time together as a family.

One Response to Summer Up North

  1. Carol says:

    We love our Great Lake State : ) so glad you were able to visit again : )