Most mornings John and I sit on the front porch before the rest of the house wakes. We enjoy our coffee, conversation and sometimes shared peaceful silence. Its my favorite way to start the day. Recently we have been blessed with the most amazing sunrises. This morning, in fact, every few seconds one of us said, “look at it now,” followed a few seconds later by the other declaring, “but look at it NOW.” I love sharing these moments, these days, this life with him. At peace in conversation, in silence, in whatever the day brings.


Cool, crisp air lingers with light fog
reminiscent of those summer camp mornings.
Sandal feet dampened with dew
trek to breakfast at the lodge, lake in view.
If only then I knew
the value
of a ride on a wooded trail
or a canoe trip down the river
afternoon rain showers which actually made you shiver
in hot July.

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About Tammy Pedersen

Tammy is married to John Pedersen, manager of Briarmoore and Grass Stain Tour extraordinaire. She is blessed to be able to stay at home with her three children. When not busy with farming and homeschool, Tammy can be found with knitting needles or crochet hook in hand, reading or writing. Someday she hopes to combine her love of travel with mission work.
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One Response to Mornings

  1. Mom says:

    So sweet!