Winter Vacation

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney

One benefit of Family Friendly Farming in Virginia are the few months off in the Winter to spend with our loved ones. This year we decided to go South for a visit to Savannah and to John’s Dad and Grandparents in Florida. Since they live just outside of Orlando, we included 5 days at Disney World. This is not a post about the “How To’s” of Disney. The best advice I can offer is to get out and do something with your kids away from responsibilities and chores, phones and computers. Take time to just enjoy each other. And you don’t have to go to Disney. Try a hike, a day at the park or the zoo, or a visit to your local farmer.

I love the chance to share pictures from our amazing vacation, but the best memories are those not caught on film. The wonder of dreams coming true, the thrill of the first ride on a roller coaster, warm cuddles at the end of a fun filled day.

IMG_6785 IMG_0282 IMG_2511

IMG_0293 IMG_0298


IMG_2538 IMG_2533 IMG_2523

IMG_2526 227230 231 IMG_0328 IMG_0344    226  244 249  270269 268 266


And a special thanks goes out to “Disney PawPaw,” without whom our amazing vacation wouldn’t have been possible.



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  1. Hans Pedersen says:

    Happy memories.