The New Additions

In the fall, an opportunity arose for us to purchase a flock of 50 breeding Ewes and we are excited to announce that they have officially arrived at Briarmoor!  Since the fall, about 20 lambs have been born, which takes our total to around 70.  We are learning a lot about how to care for the sheep and are trusting Joel’s mantra of letting the Sheep express their Sheep-ness.  My girls love walking up the hill to visit their new friends and we are currently thinking up names for the two livestock dogs that came with them.  We will keep you posted.  Suggestions are welcome!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



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About Betsy Curlin

Betsy is married to Caleb and they have three children. Betsy is home with her girls and spends her days teaching, cooking, exploring, and taking part in endless tea parties. In addition to helping Caleb with everyday farm chores, Betsy also runs a photography business. She enjoys reading, hiking, skiing, and spending time together as a family.

2 Responses to The New Additions

  1. Cool! What breed are they?