Sugaring Time!?

I wouldn’t have thought with the start we had to winter, 5 inches of snow the day before Thanksgiving, that by the middle of January we would be setting buckets out and preparing for another season of sugaring!  But that is exactly what is happening around here.  The weather forecast looks just about perfect, so this past weekend we tapped sugar maple trees. Then Monday Eric, Nathaniel, and I went up the mountain to get fire wood for boiling the sugar water down.  We are hoping for a great season!



Just about a full load!


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  1. By the way…I just want to smooch, smooch, smooch that baby. Yep, I’m one of those that is all gooshy and smoochy. I had Aunties and Grandmas that left their mark all over arms and cheeks! I truly did hear “come here and give me some sugah” Ha! I promise I will hold myself back!

  2. Hi Patti! Sorry we missed you the other night. I was making dinner for the apprentices and with the little one everything takes a little longer. 🙂 Hopefully we will catch you next time!