The Cows Came Home

The cows (about 530 of ’em) have been arriving at Greenmont in batches over the last couple weeks.   If you remember Sheri’s post on Cow Days and Winter Grazing Schedule, they arrived just about on schedule.  According to the grazing plan, they should have enough grass here to last through about mid-January and then they will go on hay.  It will be interesting to see how that turns out. Although there was a shortage of rain here this summer, it rained more at Greenmont than any of the other farms until the end of the summer when it dropped off significantly.  Sometimes the storm patterns cause more rain in certain areas than others. In any case, I will report back in January on how things are going compared to the grazing schedule.

It is a little difficult to see, but the picture below shows the cows being dropped off in the field. The trailer would pull up to the gate, and drop them off.


Tanya, and others, exiting the bus.










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About Heather Juda

Heather was born in Atlanta, GA, but spent 19 years in Colorado before moving to Virginia. She came to Polyface for the 2012 internship and has stayed on as the first female apprentice. She became interested in the food industry when she was in high school, and over the years sought to eat in a healthier way through community gardening, hunting and supporting local farmers. She had a very blessed and “comfortable” life in Colorado complete with a good IT career and condo, but on a calling from the Lord, she left it all to start a new life in farming at Polyface. She looks forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for the future and hopes to use what she learns at Polyface to provide healthy food for people!

4 Responses to The Cows Came Home

  1. farmmom says:

    What beautiful pasture you have there. We too are waiting to see how long the pasture grasses will take us before starting to feed hay. I just love watching the cattle graze. There is something so peaceful and relaxing about it. It’s hard to get the work done when the cattle are near. 🙂

  2. Rose says:

    Looooooooove me some cow updates. ^_^

  3. Helen says:

    Beautiful pictures. The clouds in the blue sky, open fields and cows. Love it!!!

  4. Your pastures are beautiful! The cattle look very happy!