Not Your Mom’s Cloth Diaper – Part 2

I have received several questions about cloth diapering so I thought I would do a follow up to this post about my cloth diaper experience so far.

If you Google cloth diapering you will find a myriad of web pages addressing anything and everything about the subject including social networking pages about the proper washing methods as well as groups of mamas looking to trade their cloth diaper stash. I am in no way an expert but am happy to share what works for me.

Wash Routine

Everyone has their own theory about the proper way to wash their diapers. Some claim you must use special detergents and add this or that if you have hard or soft water. The following is what works for me. I have well water and a top loading washinging machine When I have a few days worth of dirty diapers (or a full wetbag), I run them through a cold rinse cycle. Then I do a hot wash for a medium size load with a scoop of Gain detergent. I then dry my diapers on the clothes line. Occassionally I will dry the inserts and prefold diapers in the dryer. Lately there have been a lot of stink bugs climbing into my pocket diapers. To get rid of these I will throw them in the dryer on fluff for about 15 minutes. At first I was adding an extra rinse at the end of the wash cycle and running a Super wash load. I found this was actually causing mineral buildup on my diapers because of our well water. Reducing the amount of water and increasing the amount of detergent I use solved this problem. IMG_5073

My Diaper Stash

I have several different types of diapers and like them all for different reasons. Naomi has thin legs and a skinny waist. For the most trim fit I love my prefold diapers with either a Thirsties (sized) or Rumparooz (one size) cover. I bought all my prefolds second hand. I totally recommend this as they are already prepped, fluffy, and ultra soft and absorbent. If you buy them brand new you must wash them several times before their first use. Instead of pins, now you can fasten prefolds with a jazzy invention called the snappy. So Fast and easy. The diaper easiest for Daddy would be my Nicki’s All In One Bamboo diapers. These are supersoft, colorful, and go on much like a disposable. I like the Nicki’s brand because the leg gussets roll in so there is no wicking to baby’s clothes and buying their brand also provides a baby in need with a cloth diaper.


For nighttime I like to use a fitted diaper with a cover. She sleeps through the night most nights and the fitteds hold all that wetness in. I plan on either investing in or knitting myself some wool covers which allow more air to circulate to baby’s skin. I use secondhand Goodmamas but I hear Sloomb is awesome.


My favorite overall cloth diapers are my Rumparooz One Size Pockets. They are soft, colorful, absorbent and have a double gusset wich hold everything in (ie no blow outs here). The One Size means Naomi can wear these diapers all the way until she is potty trained.


Cloth diapering has been a wonderful experience so far. I wish I had started back when we had Nicolaus…to think of all the money and landfill space we could have saved!   **In no way have I been compensated by the brands I have mentioned. All the thoughts, ideas, and recommendations expressed are my own.”

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2 Responses to Not Your Mom’s Cloth Diaper – Part 2

  1. Sarah Pevehouse says:

    We loved using modern day cloth diapers for our little ones! I wish more people knew just how easy it truly is now-a-days. And that it’s not just for those interested in being green!

  2. Sylvia says:

    Cloth diapers are pretty much awesome! We’ve got some Bummis Super Whisper Wraps that have been through five babies (not all ours, lol) and are only now just needing new leg elastics. Otherwise, they’re still kicking. The prefolds are into 4.5 years of continuous use and are only now starting to self destruct. As they fall apart, we have the option to compost them.

    A couple of things you might be interested in… have you seen Boingos? They’re like a snappi but separated for bigger kids when the snappis don’t stretch wide enough anymore. For night times, Ive become a fan of wool diaper covers. On those (rare) nights of sleeping more than 5 hrs baby is no more damp than the slightest touch on her cotton sleeper. Ive taken to leaving them without lanolin, and barring the rare night that she manages to poop past the snappi-d or fitted diaper, we only have to wash the cover every few weeks. Being smell sensitive during the last pregnancy, I was really surprised/pleased by how the well wool resisted any urine smell even with our toddler.