I Can Do All Things…

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

The above verse served as my mantra during childbirth. Boy was that experience painful, but I pushed through it (literally) and received a wonderful gift at the end. Life is like that. Experiences can be tough, even unbearable. But what I feel I cannot endure or accomplish on my own, Christ can accomplish through me. And in the end I will receive the greatest gift…an eternity in heaven.

The recent story of Brittany Maynard frequenting the feed on my smartphone has driven me to meditate on this part of my faith. She has chosen to “die with dignity” as she puts it, and while I do not agree with her choice, I do not judge her and I pray for her and her family during this heartbreaking and painful time.

I do understand what drives her decision. I understand the fear of the pain, the suffering and ultimately what that last day might be like. My dad had cancer and my family watched him die an awful death last year. It ravaged his body and he suffered so much. I like to think he received a gift through his suffering that none of us can understand until it is our time.

“The pain that you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that’s coming.” Romans 8:18

We all can learn something from Maynard’s experience whether we agree with her decision on how she plans to die–the way she has chosen to live. Faced with her cancer diagnosis, she has made a bucket list and is striving to accomplish all the things she has ever dreamed with the people she loves by her side. Let’s not wait till we are faced with our own mortality to make our own dreams come true and to ensure those we love know how much we care.

“When you are in the final days of your life, what will you want? Will you hug that college degree in the walnut frame? Will you ask to be carried to the garage so you can sit in your car? Will you find comfort in rereading your financial statement? Of course not. What will matter then will be people. If relationships will matter most then, shouldn’t they matter most now?” Max Lucado

Dad at the Grand Canyon

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About Tammy Pedersen

Tammy is married to John Pedersen, manager of Briarmoore and Grass Stain Tour extraordinaire. She is blessed to be able to stay at home with her three children. When not busy with farming and homeschool, Tammy can be found with knitting needles or crochet hook in hand, reading or writing. Someday she hopes to combine her love of travel with mission work.

4 Responses to I Can Do All Things…

  1. Patti says:

    “It’s in his hands, not ours!” When we make decisions without coming to him first then the ability to overcome is no longer an option! I am also praying for this young woman and her family.

    “For everything there is a purpose, a time and a place under heaven…

  2. Jubilee says:

    My heart breaks for you concerning your Dad.

    This post makes me think deeper and get a realistic perspective. Thank you, Tammy!

  3. Donna says:

    Thank you for your post. Sobering, and sad that our country is allowing legislated murder. Death is an experience that we all will pass through – some quick and some not so quick. I am personally thankful to know my creator! and that I’ll see Him on the other side. I’m praying that someone will get to this woman with the good news before she gets to herself!
    Tell the girls in the hen house I love reading your posts and now that the weather is chillin’ and the farming is slowin’ I can enjoy them more! Thanks.

  4. Judy Horton says:

    Beautiful meditation. Thank you.