The Simple Things

I often get caught up in the “have to do’s”, the “what’s”, “when’s”, and “how’s” of life… One thing that I’ve learned is that sometimes you just need to take a moment to smile and enjoy life.

When I say “Enjoy life”, I don’t mean go buy yourself a sports car, buy a boat, or treat yourself to other things that can be bought… Often the things you can’t buy…the simple things…bring the most joy. Take time to enjoy the things you can’t buy…A sunrise, fireflies, a blade of grass, your favorite song, a smile or hug from someone you love…


0620140946 - Copy

Today, while looking through some of my photos, I found myself smiling… I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos with you. My hope is that they’ll bring you joy, or remind you of something that you love!

0626141625 - Copy     0709141717a - Copy

0726141506a - Copy      0727141639a - Copy

0809141015               0816141702a

0729140729a - Copy       0812141144a - Copy

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