Finally Out to Pasture!

Last week I wrote about our turkeys first four weeks of life in the brooder. Today, we get to take a look at the day that the girls had been waiting for…. pasture!… fresh green grass every single day.

headed out of their brooder into the vast outdoors

headed out of their brooder into the vast outdoors


On their four week birthday all the little ones got loaded up in crates one-by-one. It’s important to remember that, when handling turkeys, you always need to be extra gentle; we individually pick up each turkey around the wings in order to ensure that she doesn’t flap her fragile wings and break them.

After the crates were loaded we made the mile long trek to their new homes – poultry shelters exactly like the ones we run broilers in. We filled six shelters with just over 60 birds each. Everyday, the turkeys get a new patch of grass, feed, water, and grit. Here, they will continue to thrive until they’ve outgrown their shelter – about seven weeks old.

new home

new home for the next three weeks

from the crate to the shelter!

from the crate to the shelter!

all full!

all full!


This week, the hens will move on to their final residency… stay tuned for updates and pictures!





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Miriam grew up among the lakes of beautiful central Minnesota and is the youngest of four. She is devoted to serving her King Jesus, and she finds great joy in spending time outside (especially while farming and hunting!) and in simply sharing a cup of coffee with friends or family. She looks forward to continuing to learn and grow at Polyface and is eager to trust the Lord with whatever the future may hold.

2 Responses to Finally Out to Pasture!

  1. Marcy Weinstein says:

    Still looking for a graduate to run a farm for me here in San Juan Capistrano California

    • Sheri Salatin says:

      Hi Marcy,
      I’m about 2 weeks away from launching a help wanted website called Eager Farmer – Connecting experience, education and enthusiasm in farming. Perhaps you would be interested in posting an ad on it to find exactly the type of farm manager you are needing. Check it out – (in pre-launch mode right now)