Rainy Day Creations

I know a lot of the ladies have posted recently about baking, but… You can’t have too much of a good thing when it comes to baking, right? 🙂 We’ve all heard the short “April showers bring May flowers” rhyme. Well, our April showers got here a little late – we’re getting them in May. Some days are just perfect for staying inside for a couple of hours in the afternoon to bake.

Recently I’ve had some time to do my own baking.

Over the past few weeks I’ve made White Chocolate Molasses Ginger Cookies (that title is as much a mouthful as the cookies are… 🙂 )  and Cinnamon Buns.

The molasses cookies were fun… I whipped them up in an afternoon. I’ve always loved molasses – from as early as I can remember. Add white chocolate and ginger to that and you’ve got a winning combination for sure!!!


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The cinnamon buns were REALLY fun – and DELICIOUS, if I may say so myself. Miriam (my room mate) made the dough and half of the cinnamon buns one day, but it had been several days since we’d had cinnamon buns so I decided to make the rest of them. We used The Pioneer Woman’s recipe  for cinnamon buns. I’ve never had any recipe of hers that wasn’t absolutely AMAZING, and this one carries on that record.

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While the cinnamon buns were baking I mixed up the maple coffee frosting. MMMM….. That stuff is amazing! Where the recipe calls for maple flavoring I used pure New York maple syrup… Like I said – amazing stuff.

These deliciously amazing, amazingly delicious tiny works of art (I know all of this because I ate one right out of the oven as I was headed out the door for evening chores) are sitting on my stove-top as I type… So, you might ask, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING HERE? Good question. I am now going to enjoy these masterpieces as I down a tall glass of cold fresh milk.


What’s your favorite recipe for a rainy day?


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