Pack Your Bag

…your hospital bag that is.

This is Part 2 of Preparing for Baby.

Now that I have reached 34 weeks in this pregnancy, I really should be prepared to go into labor at any time. Luckily, even babies born several weeks early (between 34 and 37 weeks) are just fine. With Nicolaus my water broke at home at 38 weeks.

Part of being prepared is making sure a bag is packed to take to the hospital with everything needed for labor and a short (hopefully) stay. Having gone through this before, the following is a list of what I have found works for me.

For Mama:

Flip flops
Comfy clothes: socks, zip up hoodie, 2 nursing tanks, stretchy yoga pants, nursing gown/pajamas, extra underwear
Nursing pads and lanolin (though the hospital usually has these)
Video camera
Travel size toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, face wash, lotion, deodorant
Insurance info
Copy of birth plan
List of people to call/text

For Daddy:

Comfy clothes
Comfy shoes
Debit card/cash

(Because of John’s responsibilities at home, he most likely will not spend the night at the hospital after she is born. If he were, he would probably want his own pillow, toiletries, razor and toothbrush)

For Baby:

Coming home outfit
Baby Book/Scrapbook for tiny footprints and other momentos
Infant carseat with Base

Hospitals typically provide onesies/shirts, diapers, wipes, triple paste, receiving blankets, nasal aspirators and pacifiers. If you are going to Cloth diaper from day one or if your family typically has skin sensitivities, you probably want to bring your own diapers, lotions and ointments for baby

With my previous two births, one thing I made sure I did was take home everything the hospital offered me at no cost. This included everything from extra mesh underwear and other post partum supplies to blankets etc. for baby. Most of the time if you have opened it or your baby has worn it, they will discard that item anyway. Just make sure you won’t get charged before you pack up to go home.

I can fit all of this in one duffel bag. You usually go home with a ton more than you came with including free samples from the hospital for breastfeeding and infant care to gifts people bring to you in Labor And Delivery.

Any tips about  what to pack (or not) for Labor and Delivery?



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9 Responses to Pack Your Bag

  1. Carole P. says:

    Well, I just hope she doesn’t decide to come tomorrow during the snow/sleet/freezing rain storm or Daddy might be delivering her!! Best wishes!!!

  2. Judy Whitaker says:

    Great advice!

  3. Heidi Dickens, MD says:

    So excited for your new baby. Call me paranoid, but I always dressed my babies in my their own clothing from home while we were in the hospital. I wanted to be sure there was no confusion about who’s baby they were caring for in the newborn nursery. You gain a little different perspective when you have worked “behind the scenes”.

  4. Heather says:

    That mesh underwear was terrific, maybe not stylish, but comfortable. I also was happy to have that squirty bottle to keep myself clean.
    We took Trivial Pursuit cards to fill the time, distract from the pain a bit, and keep us bonded (not playing on our own cell phones).

  5. Sarah says:

    I had my husband bring me food everyday for the 3-4 days I was in the hospital. Being a little emotional the day after our twins were born I cried when I was eating fresh spinach, carrots and tomatoes from our garden. They were so amazing! Everything was pretty amazing that day. 🙂 I also had him bring me Nalgene bottles of our water from home too. It was so nice to have food and water that did not taste like plastic!

  6. Sarah says:

    Oh and best of luck!

  7. Katie benz says:

    One item I found to be a HUGE help with my last child’s birth was a sleep mask! It is rarely ever dark in the hospital so this allowed me to be in the dark even when the nurses needed to be in the room or my husband wanted to read.

  8. Kristin says:

    You may want to bring your own Tylenol. At the hospital they charge a fortune for simple stuff. My mom liked soft, peaceful music for the labor, too. I hope all goes well!