Michael :)

Happy Tuesday!

In my last post, I mentioned Michael the dog. So, this week, I thought why not introduce the wonderful readers of the hen house to Michael – a true icon of Polyface.

Michael is very nice :)

The one and only…

If you ever find yourself at our farm, he’s a hard one to miss. Standing about three feet tall, Michael is half Anatolian Shepherd and half Akbash. Although he’s big, don’t worry… he’s a true sap. At any given point in the day, you may find Michael sunbathing in the field, chasing after a rabbit, or lying down next to his food dish enjoying an afternoon meal.

Michael waiting for me outside of hoop house 3 as I feed chickens :)

Michael waiting for me outside of hoop house 3 as I feed chickens :)

In the mornings, Michael is always loyal to be sitting outside my hoop houses waiting for me to come out (he knows I’m a sucker, too, and will always talk to him like a baby and give him a few good pets). One of the silliest things I think that Michael does happens during thunderstorms. In the middle of a raging storm, it isn’t uncommon to find him barreling across the farm, full speed ahead, and barking…. at the thunder. Back and forth he sprints… chasing the thunder from whichever direction it originated. Ohhhh, it makes me smile just thinking about it!

Michael came to Polyface to be a guard dog for the chickens and turkeys. He’s named after the guardian angel, Michael, in the Bible and, with him, we also got Gabriel (the other guardian angel) and Jack Bauer. Gabe is now at Briarmoore and Jack is at Greenmont.  When predation is an issue, we’ll bring Michael out to a feathernet to stay with the birds overnight and protect them. He would rather stay with the humans… but he does a good job nonetheless!

If you ever have the chance to visit us, Michael will likely be the first one to greet you… dropping to the ground almost immediately for a belly rub as you approach. And, he’s sure to bring a smile to your face… just like he always does for me! 🙂



Michael is verrrry nice :)

Michael is verrrry nice :)


He's a little camera shy...

He’s a little camera shy…

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5 Responses to Michael :)

  1. Stacey says:

    Michael is sooo wonderful! I have the cutest picture of our 3 year old daughter (at the time) with him.

  2. Kristin says:

    Awww! He sounds like a great addition to the farm.

  3. Amy Swiney says:

    We have a half Anatolian-half Pyrenees named Jake. He’s about 36″ at the shoulders and weighs 165 pounds. The biggest, sweetest LGD ever. Jake barks at trucks, any truck, going down the road; Belle (our 3/4 Pyrenees-1/4 Anatolian) is a full-moon barker. They are silly creatures and I love them!

  4. Katie Benz says:

    I am glad to see Michael is doing well. When we visited Polyface in September he had a bum leg.

  5. Olivia Persinger says:

    I <3 Michael! Whenever we drive up to Polyface he comes and greets us the minute we get out! The number one thing I love about him is he is always HAPPY! 🙂