Goin’ and Growin’

Our babies are doing well and growing like weeds!


Jonathan (JAK) is taking care of the chicks on a daily basis. Daily chores for the chicks include making sure all of the heaters stay lit so that the chicks don’t get cold. Making sure the chicks have feed and water at all times is also an important task. The nipple drinkers are kept pretty easily, but it’s always important to check on them just to make sure everything is working properly. Keeping the chicks warm and fed helps reduce stress which in turn helps them to stay healthier. Their feed is the same as what we will feed our broilers later in the spring and summer. Making sure that they have grit so that they can digest the grain is important even at this stage in their life. JAK checks on the brooder multiple times a day to make sure the chicks are comfortable.

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It’s been pretty cold here recently so we even put plastic over all the windows to help with wind drafts. The heaters are all staying lit all of the time to help keep our babies warm!

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By this time all of the chicks have their wing feathers and most are beginning to get little tail feathers, too!


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4 Responses to Goin’ and Growin’

  1. Olivia Persinger says:

    Hannah, how much feed do you give them daily? Also, where do you order the feed from? I have learned so much from you! 🙂

  2. Jenny Beverage says:

    Do you know the protein % of the Broiler feed? I have read Pastured Poultry Profits and I am raising my first batch soon but would like to make sure our feed mill mix is high enough in protein compared to your mix. Thank you!

  3. Kristin says:

    I like the way y’all are so organized in what you do. That’s inspiring.

  4. Katie Benz says:

    Are they mostly Barred Rock’s?