…or Preparing For Baby – Part One

As snow melts away and shoots of green pop up among the tufts of dormant brown grass, the hint of warmer Spring weather always brings with it a sense of anticipation. I find the synonyms of “anticipation” interesting : hope, joy, prospect and apprehension. Indeed anticipation holds all these feelings wrapped into one. This year, not only do we anticipate the promise of new life the Spring season ushers in both as Christians and fledgling farmers, but also the hope and joy of the baby girl we will welcome at some point in the next two months (as if we weren’t going through quite enough life change.)

Bringing baby number three into this world will have a whole set of challenges. For me, they start with preparing for her arrival. Since both Nicolaus and Carleigh came home from the hospital to our previous house and spent their infancy and toddler years there, I know how to do babies in that house. I had a system that worked like a well oiled machine. And the nursery was wonderful, equipped with a custom closet with built-in changing station handmade by Daddy.

nursery 09

This baby will be sharing a room with her Dad and me. One must ask, “Where is all her stuff going to go?”  I am happy to say I think I figured out a system–at least for her stuff. My attempt at cloth diapers I am sure will be another post several months down the road.

I’ve divided my closet up into two sections. The section on the right (in case you cannot tell) is devoted to baby. Dresses and other hanging items hung according to size and newborn up to 3 month onesies are in the striped organizer for easy access. Socks, hats and other accessories are in the green box. On the shelf above are baby blankets as well as my lifesavers baby carriers/wraps in the “drawer.”


I do have to say I never thought I’d be sharing my closet space with a newborn! Oh the sacrifices we make for our children. Slightly kidding here. How will I not wake up happy when I can look at this cuteness every morning.


In my bedside table which is between the crib and our bed I have stowed swaddle blankets, sleepers and other sleep related items. Some of what I’m currently reading can also be found there, along with a night light.


It really hasn’t been as difficult as I thought finding a place for everything. When you get to baby #3 you also realize all the essential ridiculous baby items you just don’t need.

Any advice from parents who have shared their room with a baby? Tips, tricks caveats?

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About Tammy Pedersen

Tammy is married to John Pedersen, manager of Briarmoore and Grass Stain Tour extraordinaire. She is blessed to be able to stay at home with her three children. When not busy with farming and homeschool, Tammy can be found with knitting needles or crochet hook in hand, reading or writing. Someday she hopes to combine her love of travel with mission work.
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9 Responses to Anticipation

  1. Bev says:

    Great planning, and congratulations! I kept a futon next to the bed. It was a good low place to set the baby to sleep and yet was convenient for taking care of him/him/her during the night. Later it became a place for the toddlers to come to be close to me yet have their own spot. Cloth diapers, breastfeeding and homemade food – what else do they need when they have you and siblings (and Dad)? Blessings to you all.

  2. Jane says:

    Each one of our four children slept in the bedroom with us. I never figured out why people had so much stuff for a tiny being who outgrew it in a matter of months anyway. We’ve always seemed to have more bodies than space so we’ve had dressers everywhere…the linen closest, the hallway, bedroom closets etc. We also made use of the under the bed storage area too.

    My biggest tip would be to accept whatever hand-me-downs others are willing to share. You can always sort through them and pass on what you can’t use. My children still get excited about a new bag of clothes and the youngest is now 16!

  3. Grace Gierucki says:

    Don’t be intimidated by cloth diapers. We’ve been using them for 20 months and couldn’t be happier! I especially love the cloth wipes, I can’t imagine using those thin, wimpy throwaways. And Congratulations!

  4. we put our baby in a bassinet pack’n’go in our walk-in closet…this way baby is easily accessible but not being tripped over (our bedroom is pretty small – no room for a crib, for sure!). They stay in the pack’n’go until we move them out of the room. As soon as they start to roll over, we just take the bassinet part out & the mattress sits on the floor of the pack’n’go. Then, at the foot of our bed, there is just enough room for a skinny changing table. This is where clothes, etc. go (underneath). Congrats! I’m due w/#6 (girl) in May. I’m ready for her to be here but admittedly, more excited about the garden, etc. 😉

  5. Kristin says:

    Congratulations! I hope all goes well for you and the baby. New babies are so exciting to have around the house–such a blessing from God! Have you picked out a name yet?

  6. Judy Whitaker says:

    My Tammy, you’ve done a marvelous job organizing the farmhouse in such a short period of time. I’m sure all your experiences are going to knit you closer as a family, Love Mom

  7. Carrie Waller says:

    Having three of my own, all of which came home to share our bedroom the BEST invention in the world by far for this arrangement is the Arms Reach (TM) Co-sleeper! It attaches to the side of your bed, makes night nursing a BREEZE. The only shame is that they outgrow it too fast. Since getting ours (9 yrs ago) I have also found directions on line to “sidecar” our crib and we now move our babies from the co-sleeper to a sidecarred drop side crib when they are about a year.
    As for cloth diapers – gotta love those cotton/hemp prefolds! We do cotton/hemp prefolds, wool covers, and raw silk liners for diaper rash – the ONLY truly non-toxic cloth diaper options.

    • Grace Gierucki says:

      I ADORE our Arms Reach Co-sleeper!!! My sisters and I have all loved it, passing it back and forth with each successive baby. I just set it up again today, next baby due in 18 more days!

  8. Tammy says:

    What great tips! I’ll have to check out how to sidecar the crib, though our bedroom configuration may not allow for that. I am looking forward to cloth diapering. I have included hemp prefolds and inserts as both my previous babies were heavy wetters.