The Mini Brooders

0125141154The “big brooder” isn’t the only brooder we have here at Polyface. We also have what we call our “mini brooders”. We have two square brooders that each have a gas overhead heater, windows on either side, and hinges on the roof to make a “door”. This is where Heather brooded the chicks she hatched (and blogged about) last summer. We use these brooders for small batches of birds like hers, or if we run out of space in our big brooder… Both of these brooders are sitting on a re-purposed hay wagon.
Even though they are much smaller than our “Big Brooder”, the same principals apply. These brooders are small spaces designed for small amounts of birds. There’s heat, and two windows for plenty of ventilation. The windows are screened with chicken wire so that chicks can’t get out and nothing else can get it! They get bedded with sawdust and then cleaned out when the chicks are old enough to leave… We can control the temperature and easily feed and water little chicks to keep them comfortable and help them grow. 0125141155
Buildings and equipment don’t have to be elaborate, expensive, or enormous to be effective… If you don’t need something as big as our big brooder, try something more like one of these! One of my favorite sayings is “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Find something that works for you!
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About Hannah Hale

Hannah hails from McComb, Mississippi, where she farmed with her parents and three sisters. Home-schooled all her life, she grew up helping her grandfather on his Black Angus farm and working with her family to raise dairy goats, laying hens, and bees. Her love for animals blossomed through her involvement in 4-H and cattle showing. Hannah discovered Polyface through a lecture by Joel, and while reading his book You Can Farm, she realized that her life-long dream of farming could become a reality. The summer of 2013 saw Hannah a Polyface intern, and she was subsequently chosen to become an apprentice. Now married, Hannah helps her husband as they work as Polyface rental-farm managers. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of the Polyface team and learn from the best. In the future, Hannah wants to farm full-time and keep Jesus central in her life.

6 Responses to The Mini Brooders

  1. Brandon says:

    How do you afford to use the gas brooder (heaters) I tried one last spring and it used a 20lb grill bottle in 3-4 days ………kind of expensive compared to my hoover and heat lamps

  2. Kristin says:

    Do you start chicks at all seasons of the year, or just spring/summer? I imagine the heat system would work in winter??

  3. Joshua says:

    Would it be possible to post more pictures and possibly a floor plan for this mini brooder and the big brooder as well. How many chicks does the mini brooder hold comfortably

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  5. Cheryl says:

    Where can we find pictures or plan for the smaller brooder?

  6. Aimee says:

    I was wondering what the temperature is out there when you have chicks in these mini brooders. I like the idea but I’m worried its too cold here still for this type of brooder